Dennis Kellman - Follow God (Screenshot)

Dennis Kellman, “Best Rapper From Queens Since Nas”?

Dennis Kellman might have a point. From what we figured out, DK is probably one of the greatest ghostwriters of the 90s actually before Nas. We just can’t put our finger on who he’s written for. We know quite a few ghostwriters, so when our O.G. put me up on Dennis, I was shocked that we have never heard of him. But that’s what makes a ghost a good ghost. To be unseen, untraceable, leaving no fingerprints.

Who ever DK is, he is murdering that Kanye West track Follow God.

We posted Dennis’ first video O.G. Sh#t on our Instagram a while back, but let me put that here too.

I’ve never heard anyone NOT rock the SSO Faded Lady beat. From Diamond D to Busta Rhymes, DK turns the track into a party track.

More good music you won’t hear on Hot 97.