Sean Price - Mic Tyson (Album Cover)

This Sean Price collectible statue is nice AF. It’s actually a spin on his 2012 album cover, Mic Tyson. I actually own a Steven Cartoccio piece and whenever people come through the crib, I get compliments on it.

Sean Price Is Nothing To Play With

Let’s get this straight. This Sean Price piece is not an action figure. This is over 12″ tall made of resin. This is a piece of art that you put on a stand. When other heads see it, they will recognize you immediately for your good taste.

These Details Are Slick

Click on the pictures below. Look at the details of the shredded rugby shirt or the veins in his arm. Concrete Jungle has come a long way from their first piece on Run The Jewels.

  • Limited run of 250 statues
  • Signed and numbered by Cartoccio himself
  • Two replaceable heads
  • Three replaceable arms (if you pre-order)