About What NY Sounds Like

What NY Sounds Like is not a knock to artists outside of NYC.

The intention of the site is to highlight the visuals and sounds coming out of NYC and it’s surrounding areas. However, this does not limit us to the 5 boroughs. We might showcase some artists from Philly or Baltimore. If it fits out criteria, you’ll see it. If nobody here likes it, you won’t see it.

This site is not a throwback site highlighting ’90s Boom Bap Rap. That was a great era, but we’re moving on.

We hope to inform you of songs that you don’t or won’t hear on the radio because NY radio prefers to play the same 30 songs over and over again.

We’re not like your favorite DJ or host who claims that radio isn’t about payola – yet you never hear them play anything different.

Some pieces will be short. One or two lines. This is intentional.

What NY Sounds Like is partially inspired by Jadakiss‘ verse on What Happened To My City.

Word to Hot 97, word to Power 105
Every sound go were you here? Anybody from N Y
They was used to breaking records, now they chasin records
If they can't bounce to it ain't no need to make the records
Wait a second, I thought this was the Mecca
Home of the 1-2, mic checka

The other inspiration can be found here.